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  • Kristel Denayer | 06/12/2016

    Implementing Safety Functions by the SIMATIC S7-1200 with Safety Integrated (Video)

    Safety Functions

    This media system provides you with a comprehensive overview of how to implement safety functions with the S7-1200. It shows how to implement safety functions with a SIMATIC S7-1200 using a profile cutter machine as an example. The information provided focuses on the technology and specifically covers typical activities such as installing/wiring, engineering, testing and operating. I...
  • Kristel Denayer | 06/12/2016

    NIEUW! De TIA Selection Tool nu ook beschikbaar via de Cloud.

    De TIA Selection Tool is nu ook beschikbaar in de cloud en is te raadplegen via mobiele toestellen.

    De TIA Selection Tool is nu ook beschikbaar in de cloud en is te raadplegen via mobiele toestellen.   => Geen installatie of downloads nodig   => Speciaal ontwikkeld voor mobiele toestellen   => Regionale prijzen ter beschikking   => Al jouw projecten binnen handbereik Hoe werkt het precies?
  • Alexander Gloning | 06/12/2016

    Electric Transport Takes Off: From Train to Plane

    Distinguished innovator Bradley Allen Fiske was impressed. The heavily moustachioed inventor – who would go on to become a Rear Admiral and command the United States’ Atlantic Fleet – sat down with pen and paper, dated his report April 24, 1884 and wrote:   “The first to conceive … the idea of an electric railway [was] Dr. Werner Siemens, of the cele...
  • Kristel Denayer | 06/12/2016

    NEW - Fibre Optic Termination Kit and LC Plugs

    FC FO Termination Kit
    The fast connect Fibre Optic Termination Kit for LC Plugs have been released. The products are available from stock. SIMATIC NET FC glass fiber-optic cables (62.5/200/230) are used to construct optical indoor and outdoor Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET and PROFIBUS fiber networks. They are easy to assemble on-site with the Termination Kits. LC plugs are now also easy to assemble on-site for Industri...
  • Kristina Dotzauer | 06/12/2016

    The Big Transformation: Switching to Low-Carbon Energy Systems

    The transformation to low-carbon energy supply systems is the only way to lower greenhouse gas emissions and stop global warming. Achieving this transformation to a sustainable energy supply system, however, will require steadily expanding the use of renewable energy sources and turning to natural gas as the preferred fossil fuel. Combined heat and power generation (cogeneration), more effici...