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  • Andreas Milbradt 26/04/2017

    End-to-end solutions for MindSphere with Atos

    Just as at SPS IPC Drives, our partners are presenting their offerings for our open, cloud-based IoT operating system at this year’s Hannover Messe in the MindSphere Lounge. Atos, one of our first MindSphere partners, is also demonstrating its solutions. The company uses its wide range of IT and digital services in various applications for MindSphere.  


    It has long since ceased to be a secret that data is the key to fully exploiting the potential of digitalization. However, it’s not enough to just collect the data. The real key lies in processing the data. And it’s precisely this processing that Atos offers through its end-to-end solutions for MindSphere. The company’s areas of expertise include consulting services as well as implementation. Use-case consulting and rapid prototyping help the company quickly find the right solution to meet customers’ requirements. Atos then evaluates the solution’s feasibility in a proof of concept and its added value in a proof of value. 


    Expertise in developing applications

    After a design phase comes the implementation, for which Atos likewise offers support for all the necessary steps. In terms of app development for MindSphere, Atos utilizes the experience it has gained from previously implemented applications. Currently, Atos’ portfolio comprises 12 applications, most of which are already offered as a mobile version. After programming the app, Atos supports customers during integration and implementation, thus offering support from the idea phase all the way through until the application is running.

    One app from Atos is Manufacturing Sustainability, in which users can display the energy consumption from production data for the entire factory as well as for individual machines or jobs. The database thus created not only provides a general picture of consumption – in order to help a company adhere to its own specifications, for example – but also uncovers potential savings that can improve the sustainability of manufacturing.


    Atos apps live at the Siemens booth

    Representatives at the Siemens booth are also presenting what previously implemented applications look like in practice. Directly below the MindSphere Lounge, visitors can view a demonstration of two of Atos’ apps, Process Quality and Filling & Packaging Performance. These are demonstrated in an application for the food and beverage industry in which customers can have their own individual milkshake bottled. By analyzing process performance, customers always have an eye on a plant’s productivity and quality in the area of filling and packaging. Through the integration of multiple systems at different production sites, customers can view the app’s dashboards to see information on availability, quality, and performance. The Filling & Packaging Performance app uses the values to calculate overall equipment effectiveness, allowing customers to monitor the equipment’s performance at any time. As a result, customers can monitor average and reference values after just a short time. Furthermore, the app also displays the values of individual sites and machines. Deviating values in production are then displayed at the touch of a button, and the faulty value of the batch is highlighted. In this way, Filling & Packaging Performance provides a comprehensive overview of filling and packaging, from the company level right down to the individual machines.




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  • Andreas Milbradt 26/04/2017

    Experience MindSphere – live at the Hannover Messe

    The MindSphere Lounge floats above our booth at the Hannover Messe. We’re making topics related to digitalization, Industrie 4.0, and IoT tangible through numerous presentations by Siemens and our partners as well as through an impressive backdrop with a 180° video installation. Visit us at the Hannover Messe at our booth in Hall 9, D35, and discover the MindSphere Lounge.



    MindSphere, our open, cloud-based IoT operating system, is steadily growing. More and more partners are making a contribution to the MindSphere ecosystem, ranging from infrastructure to applications. To this end, we’re offering improved connectivity – in the future, it will be possible to use even more devices to connect machines and plants to MindSphere. The MindSphere applications from Siemens, MindApps for short, then enable users to collect and analyze machine data. Moreover, many of our partners are also working on applications for MindSphere that meet specific customer requests. At the Hannover Messe, our breathtaking MindSphere Lounge offers the ideal stage for presenting MindSphere in general, along with our partners’ offerings and our new MindSphere startup cooperation.


    Space for partners

    Next to the stage of the MindSphere Lounge, you can gain insights into collaboration with MindSphere at our partners’ tables. In addition to Atos, Evosoft, and Microsoft, who already participated as MindSphere partners at SPS IPC Drives 2016, the number of partners continues to increase. Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Bluvision, and SAP will now present their contributions to the MindSphere ecosystem in the MindSphere Lounge at the Hannover Messe. Follow our Competitive Industries blog to gain further insight over the next few days into our partners’ work. 


    Dynamic spirit through startups

    In addition to our collaboration with the companies just mentioned, we’re already working on other cooperation agreements. In the cloud environment, startups in particular offer enormous potential. The speed and diversity for which startups are known greatly contribute to developments of the Internet of Things. For this reason, MindSphere is increasingly seeking out partnerships with young companies. Together with next47, Siemens’ own unit for startups, we’re incorporating this dynamic spirit into our ecosystem. Working jointly with our well-known partners, we’re providing selected startups with access to MindSphere and selected use cases. This cooperation with young companies will continue to grow in the coming months. Two pilot projects are already running today with the companies Coresystems and Seeq. To subsequently expand the project, we’ll launch the global MindSphere Rocket Club startup program in autumn 2017.



    You can find a complete overview of all presentations related to MindSphere on the Events page of the MindSphere Lounge

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  • Christian Stiegler 29/03/2017

    Finely tuned instrumentation and smart sensors enable sound returns

    Inventory monitoring, overspill protection and loss control, emissions monitoring, leak detection and localization and, of course, product metering – these are all tasks that every bulk storage facility has to deal with everyday. One thing they all have in common is the need for reliable and accurate information on stock inventories and movements.


    Newly developed tank level monitoring instrumentation from Siemens, for example, incorporates advanced software algorithms for highly accurate continuous tank level measurements. Using guided wave radar, the software detects interference signatures and dynamically updates signals in accordance with desired measurement levels, thereby enabling maximum fill capacity utilization. It’s the kind of finely tuned instrumentation technology and smart sensors that enables sound returns.


    Picking up the beat

    Clearly, the tank storage industry requires additional capital investment to provide the capacities needed, which in turn calls for concerted actions aimed at becoming more attractive to investors. It means working on key performance indicators (KPI) to, for example, reduce the total cost of ownership and improve return on investment.


    The increasing speed of transfer logistics necessitates faster, more efficient operations and resource distribution, as well as optimized asset management and utilization. The situation is further compounded by a growing need to improve tank farm and terminal safety. Faced with increasingly tighter safety regulations, the industry urgently requires more highly integrated and automated processes, as well as intelligent and reliable measurement and control solutions. Reducing the number of technology suppliers and outsourcing certain maintenance and other services such as process instrumentation and analytics tasks, would certainly also help to further lower overall lifecycle costs. In this case, tank storage instrumentation is no longer part of the operational comfort zone.


    Tuning every instrument

    Often seen as a trivial aspect of tank storage management, smart instruments have become indispensable for boosting productivity and safety. Intelligent measurement solutions for monitoring and control functions from Siemens help companies comply with government and industry regulations for tank storage installations as well as ensure reliable and safe operations. Our comprehensive process instrumentation, analytics, and weighing portfolio comprises solutions that deliver outstanding precision, transparency and usability for all types of tank farm tasks – from our tank level measurement products SITRANS L and our Sitrans F flowmeters, SITRANS P pressure and SITRANS T temperature transmitters, to emissions monitoring with our continuous gas analyzers, valve positioning with our intelligent SIPART sensor systems, as well as truck and rail car weighing with compression load cells and the built-in intelligence of our SIWAREX weighing systems.


    Harmonious sound

    So what does a clever arrangement of products, systems, and solutions get you? With the right instruments, you benefit from improved operations safety, maximum process transparency, and back-up technologies. Innovative digital platform concepts and high-level process integration enable you to further enhance your operational efficiency. Finally, advanced diagnostics functions and the use of low-maintenance devices that provide continuous performance updates needed for efficient asset management help you lower your total cost of ownership. Doesn’t that sound good?


    Want to hear more? Visit us at StocExpo 2017 Booth I18, March 28-30, 2017, in Rotterdam, Netherlands – or check out our tank storage solutions at:     

  • Christian Stiegler 27/03/2017

    Staying ahead thanks to digitalization in tank storage

    Automated processes are essential for storage operators to achieve efficiency and therefore to reduce the total cost of ownership and stay ahead of the competition, especially in volatile markets. Process control and tank management are integrated parts of the automation and deliver transparency from the field device level up to the management execution level. Looking at the safe plant operations of tank farms and terminals there are also several underlying systems, such as communications, electrical, and fire and gas detection.


    A modular tank management system such as can be used as a standalone solution. However, more often than not, it is operated within an existing infrastructure, for example, with Siemens SITRANS instrumentation, the Siemens process control and safety system SIMATIC PCS 7, Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence, third party MES/ERP solutions, and many more. The openness to the Cloud is beneficial for increasing integration and for future developments.

    Digital technologies play an important role in the tank terminal industry, not only in terms of future investments, but also for accelerating established processes and incorporating greater transparency and flexibility. Furthermore, it is important in analyzing all lifecycle phases from the initial plant design to the engineering, construction, installation, and commissioning through to ongoing operation and maintenance. A quick response to market demands is crucial, i.e., adapting capacities to maximize output through minimal downtime, ensuring flexibility in supply chain management including storage, and above all, using safe and efficient processes. Together with the modular approach of the tank management system, digitalization offers a solution to meet these demands.

    Siemens brings automation and digitalization to the storage core processes through the integration of engineering and operation. A so-called digital twin creates economic value for tank and terminal operators as it enables them to simulate assets and operations and see a virtual copy of what is being installed or what is happening in their real plant and vice versa. The digital twin provides a common, consistent data model that optimizes operations and increases productivity.


    Effective, digital data management

    With the engineering software COMOS, Siemens offers the ideal platform for optimizing engineering transparency and process flow efficiency over the entire lifecycle. SIMATIC PCS 7 forms a solid basis for a variety of add-ons that enhance process flexibility. SIMIT software enables simulation and testing and even facilitates virtual commissioning of the automation designs prior to implementation. XHQ is an effective analysis solution for continuously monitoring and improving operations performance as it enables better decision-making through the use of key performance indicators and dashboards.

    Digitalization also extends to the field level. Smart sensor technology is needed to handle the various stored products, the increasing number of tanks and field instruments at each tank farm, and the intense frequency of the loading and unloading processes. Smart sensors allow remote parameterizing, monitoring, and diagnosis and therefore enable safer operation and simplified maintenance.


    Further developments for tank storage

    Advanced technologies such as telecontrol and area surveillance enable remote operation, not only for smaller operations but also for partially unmanned plants in order to reduce personnel costs. Telecontrol means that supervision of several plants is carried out remotely from a central control station, whereas tank truck drivers perform the loading and unloading processes themselves. With video signals from Siveillance, Siemens helps to protect operations against unauthorized movement of people or assets by detecting, tracking, and creating alerts to emergency situations.

    Plant managers can benefit immensely from energy savings when using variable speed drives (SINAMICS), energy-efficient frequency converter technologies in pumping operations, and motor management systems designed for improved asset utilization. SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl integrates all this data into the automation environment.


    Maximizing process safety in complex logistics

    Together, all of these solutions offer a solid foundation not only for providing the flexibility and performance needed to optimize tank storage installations, but also for ensuring terminal and process safety. Siemens safety lifecycle engineering tools help to streamline the specification process, thereby significantly reducing engineering and maintenance requirements. An integrated safety approach can help to significantly raise safety levels at tank farms and terminals – and together with SITAS TMS, can also boost productivity and performance levels.

    Automation combined with digitalization enables tank storage operators to enhance plant availability and profitability without compromising on plant safety – thus giving them a competitive advantage.

    Want to hear more? Visit us at StocExpo 2017 Booth I18), March 28-30, 2017, in Rotterdam, Netherlands – or check out our tank storage solutions at:

  • Kristina Dotzauer 02/03/2017

    360-degree security for energy systems

    In December of 2015, at least three energy distribution companies in Ukraine were victims of a targeted cyber attack. The hackers left upward of 225,000 people without power for several hours, according to the German Federal Office for Information Security.

    But it’s not only big corporations – small and medium-sized companies are also actively being targeted by Internet criminals. With a comprehensive security portfolio, Siemens is helping companies and corporations to protect themselves effectively against these attacks.



    As the world becomes ever more joined up, the importance of all-embracing security solutions in energy automation is growing. Communication systems are becoming increasingly pervasive in supply networks, in turn increasing the threat of attacks by hackers. But these attacks can also hit systems from beyond the Internet: there are further risks from unauthorized access attempts and malware, threatening loss or manipulation of data, breakdowns in service, or, in the worst-case scenario, a complete blackout. A multi-stage security concept is essential to protect against such attacks. Our oosolutions, based on the IEC 62443-certified framework, are adaptable to customer needs thanks to their integrated security approach.


    All-round security


    The foundation of our integrated concept is the Security Circle, which provides grids with full 360-degree protection from attacks. Targeted authentication and authorization solutions provide access control and prevent misuse. Our integrated security solutions ensure protection for energy automation products, preventing risks to system-critical applications. Our security patches and patch management services mean you’re well equipped to deal with any new threats. If a risk should still be identified, we’re ready to take the necessary steps immediately to prevent an emergency. Our concept also includes continuous monitoring and reporting, helping to guard against such incidents from even occurring. We’re therefore in a position to identify and prevent any potential damage in good time.


    Customized and up-to-date


    We offer full cyber security consulting to ensure we deliver the ideal solution to our customers. We take technology, processes, and also the human element into account when developing our integrated solutions. Based on the established Smart Grid Compass, we take care of the operation, maintenance, flexibility, and servicing of the grid. We thus ensure improved protection for power supply companies and comply with the latest regulations to deliver solutions that are fully in accordance with the law.

    Keeping up-to-date is one of the key factors in the world of cyber security. That’s why we provide regular training to our employees and share our specialist expertise with international security organizations. Our Product Cyber Emergency Response Team (ProductCERT) also provides an ongoing overview of emerging threats. By developing and sharing knowledge in a true 360-degree environment, we can offer comprehensive security for the entire power supply chain.


    Integrated security


    Products in the SIPROTEC 5 and SICAM series already include these integrated security features. The field devices in these product families offer protection, control, and monitoring of energy automation systems, with modular elements to meet all requirements. Thanks to modern authentication procedures, the parameterization is forwarded to the SIPROTEC 5 and SICAM A8000 devices with the DIGSI 5 engineering tools and TOOLBOX II in encrypted form. But it’s not only the field devices – our substation automation systems are also equipped with integrated security functions. The SICAM Power Automation System (PAS) and the SICAM Substation Control Center (SCC) meet IT security requirements and are thus perfect for use in critical infrastructures.


    An integrated grid with Spectrum Power 5


    We have already shown how grid security works in the real-world environment of grid control technology in Brazil. Five energy management systems and four regional operations centers were interlinked, and the new system can now be uniformly monitored and controlled. In addition, thanks to the standardized platform, individual locations can easily take over the tasks of others. The technical database with which all the centers interact features the very latest cyber security functions. Increased data security and redundant, integrated monitoring ensure the stability of the grid. The grid operator is thus ideally equipped to meet the requirements of the decentralized grid in Brazil.




    Totally Integrated Power is relevant to many industries. In our other blog articles, learn about how companies from the automotive, chemical, and building industries benefit from a reliable, flexible, and secure power supply.




    Cyber security excerpt from the Siemens Power Engineering Guide, Edition 8.0


    Grid security


    IT security: Dossier



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  • Kristina Dotzauer 02/03/2017

    Smart construction thanks to efficient power supply

    TIP Construction

    Whether office buildings, factories, hotels, or residences – the requirements that are placed on electrification are as varied as the types of buildings. At the same time, the standards of quality, reliability, and design are higher than ever before. The building industry is faced with the challenge that buildings should not only operate sustainably but also be built that way. New technologies, fierce competition, and tight construction schedules represent major additional challenges for the companies. A safe and flexible power supply is therefore a must for the construction and operation of buildings. The key to this is a flexible, available, and above all safe power supply, from planning and construction through to operation. Our Totally Integrated Power (TIP) Portfolio supports contractors and builders

    in efficiently planning, building, and operating buildings – with solutions for a safe, reliable, and efficient energy supply.


    Cost-effective and future-oriented


    The safety of people and material are requirements for the quality of a building just like trouble-free building technology. The power supply must therefore be reliable and secure – through all phases of a project. Our free SIMARIS planning tools are already helping in the design to dimension the power distribution of industrial plants, infrastructure, or buildings quickly and effectively.

    A safe and flexible power supply is also required on the construction site to maintain tight construction schedules – often under difficult conditions. Plug & Play solutions guarantee power distribution that is available and flexible for the construction companies. In addition to medium-voltage switchgear, our customizable modules contain all components for a mobile substation. In addition to our SIVACON S8 switchboards and busbar trunking systems, our GEOFOL cast-resin transformers, switchgear, medium-voltage cables, and protection and control systems ensure safe operation and thus quick project implementation – which saves both time and money.


    Flexible and safe supply


    Buildings are used in many different ways. The purpose of a building can also change, such as when offices are converted into a shopping arcade. The different types of use make specific demands on the power supply. For example, high-rise buildings require a different approach than hospitals. In addition, special protective devices are required for many buildings, such as hotels, shopping malls, or museums, or particularly diverse power consumers need to be considered. The flexible SIVACON switchboards enable custom adaptation of the power supply to various changes. Intelligent interfaces connect the power supply to the building automation. This allows high operational reliability and fast response times in case of faults.


    Visualizing energy flows


    In order to optimize the energy consumption of a building, transparent data is necessary. The SENTRON Power Manager visualizes and analyzes energy flows. Together with our measuring devices, it forms a complete energy monitoring system. Our communication-capable measuring, protective, and switching devices can be easily integrated into higher-level energy and automation systems. In this way we provide companies with an overview of energy quality and consumption.


    The smart multi-purpose hall


    With TIP, the exhibition, congress, and event arena CityCube in Berlin, Germany, relies on safe and economical operation. For example, 8DJH switchboards and SIVACON S8 provide reliable power distribution in the two-story building. Environmentally friendly and durable GEAFOL artificial resin transformers have excellent electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. They are maintenance-free, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, and self-extinguishing. SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems also enable great flexibility: They make it possible to divide the floorspace on both levels of the building into up to eight conference halls and spaces using partitions. In addition, TIP ensures the highest safety standards: Thanks to the smart technology, 1600 fire detectors can reliably differentiate between deceptive phenomena – such as disco fog – and real fires.




    TIP is relevant to many industries. In the next blog articles, learn about how companies from the automotive and chemical industries benefit from a reliable, flexible, and secure power supply. In addition, find out more about cyber-security, which plays an ever more important role in times of increasingly networked components.


    Video feature

    The “Yellow Angel powered up” – TIP in the ADAC Headquarters in Munich, Germany






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  • Kristina Dotzauer 02/03/2017

    Smart energy management in the chemical industry

    TIP Chemical industry

    Industry 4.0 makes high demands on the chemical industry: Through digitalization, the markets are changing rapidly and new technologies, lack of power quality, and grid reliability represent major challenges for companies. This leads not only to new conditions and high technology requirements. Increasing electricity prices also require more efficient production. These requirements stand vis-à-vis to insecure grid reliability and fluctuating power quality as well as increasing complexity of the power  grid. Our Totally Integrated Power (TIP) portfolio meets the highest safety standards and is perfectly tailored to the needs of the chemical industry – for a reliable, economical, and secure power supply.


    Securing the power grid of a plant


    Because petrochemicals plants in particular are often located in remote areas, they are dependent on a reliable and stable power supply. For this reason, only products which operate reliably under extreme conditions may be used. Generator switchgear with vacuum switching technology reduces maintenance costs together with GEAFOL cast-resin transformers, increasing the profitability of the plant.

    Further problems in remote locations include the lack of grid reliability and fluctuating power quality. The combination of centralized and decentralized energy generation also requires advanced energy management processes. This results in a great amount of data that must be processed.  Comprehensive Big Data analyses are therefore essential in order to convert this quantity of data into relevant and valuable information.


    Varying conditions and high demands


    The shift in market dynamics and the use of alternative technologies are changing the chemical industry. It is therefore important that the power supply is integrated seamlessly into the process automation and building automation system to make it possible to react quickly and flexibly to market changes.


    Because energy prices are rising, cost-effective energy management also plays a major role. Intelligent software and hardware products make electricity consumption and efficiency transparent. CO2 emissions are increasing worldwide, and the extraction of fossil fuels is becoming more difficult. Companies must therefore use resources efficiently. With our efficient microgrid management and our portfolio of concepts for renewable energy, we help them to make production more sustainable.


    A turn-key solution for success


    Solvay Indupa S.A., one of the largest PVC producers in Argentina, uses our comprehensive portfolio to be independent from the public power grid. To do this, the company expanded its own power generation and transmission capacity. The core component of our turnkey solution is a GIS system with SIPROTEC protective devices and panel control units, a substation automation system, and a protective device. Improved monitoring of the substation, the modern protective device, and the effective remote control system provide greater reliability in the power supply and higher profitability thanks to grid infeed: Because Solvay requires only part of the 120 KW produced, it can feed the rest into the public power grid – and thus increase its sustainability.




    Our Totally Integrated Power (TIP) Portfolio is relevant to many industries. In the next blog articles, read about how companies from the automotive and construction industries benefit from a reliable, flexible, and secure power supply. In addition, find out more about cyber-security, which plays an ever more important role in times of increasingly networked businesses.



    Here you can find more information and references on the topic of Totally Integrated Power:​



    Come see us at our booth in Hall 9 at Hannover Messe 2017 and find out how industries can benefit from Totally Integrated Power when it comes to intelligent power supply.



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  • Kristina Dotzauer 02/03/2017

    On the way to a smart power supply in the automotive industry

    TIP Automotive

    Some 70 million cars are produced annually worldwide – and the number is steadily increasing. For each car, it is not only necessary for thousands of items to be manufactured; the customization due to customer requirements is also increasing. The automotive industry is therefore dependent not only on flexible production but also on transparent and available data. The prerequisite for this is a flexible and integrated power supply. TIP allows companies to flexibly and efficiently manufacture while minimizing costly downtime.


    The automotive market is highly competitive. Companies need to face market- and network-specific as well as economic challenges. Faster time to market for larger production volumes, international standards, and growing electricity demands are just some of the requirements. Digitized manufacturing is also needed to remain competitive in the era of Industry 4.0. And with increasing automation, the amount of data that is produced in an industrial plant is also increasing.  That’s why flexible, integrated solutions are the key to a smart power grid.


    Cost pressure requires greater efficiency


    To save costs, full transparency of data is important at every stage of the manufacturing process in the automotive industry. Intelligent software and hardware products ensure optimal transparency of energy consumption and greater energy efficiency. To increase the efficiency, reliability, and safety of electrical distribution equipment, we offer integrated planning to automakers. Our TIP Consultant Support includes software tools, tender texts, planning and application manuals, and professional advice from experts. This also includes individual concepts for all plants and requirements.


    Availability around the clock


    Due to globalization and companies that operate worldwide, times to market are shorter, the models are changing ever more quickly, and the level of customization is increasing. To remain competitive, automotive plants need to operate around the clock and minimize downtime. This makes integrated and customizable power distribution indispensable. Assisting in this, Sivacon switchgear systems distribute energy simply and safely. Thanks to their flexible modules, the system can be adapted to any requirement. The products are constantly being further developed and are therefore always on the cutting edge of technology. In times of building management systems that are becoming ever more complex, Sivacon 8PS busbar trunking systems offer an adaptable solution. Compared to cables, they are easier to install and also have better fire protection. They also require less space when bridging longer distances.


    Safe and environmental friendly


    For the power range between 50 kVA and 50 MVA, Geafol cast-resin transformers have excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Unlike liquid-filled transformers, the insulation made of a mixture of epoxy resin and quartz powder makes the windings maintenance-free, moisture-proof, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. Temperature-independent controlled cross-flow fans increase performance by up to 50 percent. With a lifespan of more than 30 years, the transformers are particularly environmentally friendly: Upon disposal, only 4% of the material is thermally recycled. 2% is suitable for landfill and 94% flows back into the raw materials cycle.


    An automotive plant for Mexico


    The South Korean carmaker Kia Motors, part of the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, was looking for an opportunity to further develop manufacturing capabilities easily for its new plant in Pesqueria, Mexico. FC low-voltage miniature circuit breakers, 3WL air circuit breakers, Sentron molded case circuit breakers, protection, control, and monitoring equipment, and UL switchboards ensure reliable and energy-efficient operation. The versatility of the entire system with cast-resin transformers and air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear NXAIR enables efficient production with the latest technology for Kia.


    “In the phases of procurement, delivery, and installation, Siemens S.A. Mexico has added great commitment to the game. We wish to emphasize that the quality delivered and the implementation of the project have been met with our fullest satisfaction.”

    Kim Bo-hyun of Hyundai Engineering Mexico




    The Totally Integrated Power (TIP) portfolio is relevant to many industries. In the next blog articles, learn about how companies from chemical and construction industries benefit from a reliable, flexible, and secure power supply. In addition, find out more about cyber-security, which plays an ever more important role in times of increasingly networked businesses.



    More information about Totally Integrated Power at KIA Motors:

    Kia Motors Mexico, a complete power solution


    Here you can find more information and references on the topic of Totally Integrated Power:​



    Come see us at our booth D35 in Hall 9 at Hannover Messe 2017 and find out how industries can benefit from Totally Integrated Power when it comes to intelligent power supply.


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