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Adam Wesoly |

Industry Highlights at the Hannover Messe 2013 – live

Jürgen Amedick, stand manager and CEO of the Large Drives Business Unit, brings you impressions on the reaction of visitors to this year’s Siemens booth concept and its highlights:

Following my pre-event posts about this year"s show highlights, I ‘m delighted to now bring you a short “live” update from the first few days. It truly has been great to see how everything has now come to life on our booth and incredibly satisfying to see how visitors are now engaging with us, our exhibits and each other in such a vibrant international atmosphere.

Delivering a holistic experience
The realization of this year"s motto, "Making things right - Connecting Productivity and Efficiency" was a significant part of the experience that we wanted to convey at our booth this year through the holistic presentation of highlight exhibits across the entire production chain. So it has been great to see how our visitors have been able to literally walk their way from product design and production planning through engineering and production to services to experience this concept for themselves.

Highlights drawing attention
As we assumed in advance, our model of the Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ has proved to be a huge attraction. Firstly, because of the historical significance of its successful landing on Mars, and secondly, because of the innovative PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software that was so important to its successful development. The use of PLM software with suitable automation components delivers greater flexibility and efficiency that can shorten time-to-market by up to 50%.

Also proving very popular is our live "efficient robotics" demonstration featuring a KUKA robot. This exhibit shows how not only basic product development but series production must be optimally planned and virtually tested beforehand to
achieve optimum results from the very start of production. As we do in reality, we also use the new Siemens Tecnomatix solution for robot-assisted manufacturing processes at our fair presentation.

Our TIA Portal V12 engineering framework with its new functions has proved to be a real magnet for those interested in the field of engineering, while those who prefer tangible technology have been more drawn to our vertical mill find.
Its huge size makes this exhibit an attraction which is an incredibly impressive demonstration of the new concept of Integrated Drive Systems (IDS): All components of the drive train – frequency converters, motors, couplings, and gear gnits - now being combined into an efficient and integrated solution. Besides the TIA-Integration the whole concept is of course complemented by the lifecycle integration, for which we present Siemens technology-based services as an example.

For those of you who can’t make it to our booth in Hanover this year, you can still visit our virtual booth or take a guided video tour to see all these highlights for yourself.

For any of you who still have the opportunity to experience it all live, I can truly say: Hanover is worth the trip!

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