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Adam Wesoly |

Intelligently financing energy-efficient technology

This is a guest article witten by our colleagues from Siemens Financial Services .  

The escalating trend of energy prices has made energy efficiency one of the most pressing concerns faced by industrial companies around the world. Through the use of energy efficiency initiatives, tremendous cost savings can be achieved in many industrial areas.

For this reason, intelligent solutions for the financing of energy-saving technology are becoming increasingly important. Investment costs can be set against energy savings over time. In many cases, the investment can be funded through savings in energy and operating costs – in other words you do not need to employ your own resources.

Which financing options are available?

A broad range of financing options meet these requirements – whether in the form of a trade-in, where we replace your existing equipment with new devices; of an operating lease, where you bear only the cost of use and wear and tear on the equipment; or of retrofit financing, where we modernize your equipment and lease it back to you. Of course, we can also offer you flexible leasing and hire purchase – and one other special service: energy-saving contracting. In this last case, energy-saving measures in building technology pay for themselves without the need to tie up capital. The Siemens Sector guarantees the savings, safeguarding the viability of the investment for you from day one. Successful customer projects have already demonstrated that this approach works in practice.

And, of course Siemens provides total solutions designed to help you and to promote energy efficiency in your company: from consulting and structuring to participation in equity capital where appropriate and the procurement of external finance and syndicated credit facilities – total solutions designed to help you and to promote energy efficiency in your company.

Do you have already experience in financial solutions for energy-saving technologies? Write your comment below this article.

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