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Andreas Milbradt |

Beacons connected to MindSphere

Bluvision logoAt the Hannover Messe, our partner Bluvision demonstrated just how easily functioning solutions can be made available on MindSphere. As an Industrial IoT specialist for beacons and SaaS-based solutions, Bluvision is making its hardware and software solution for condition monitoring and real-time location tracking available – quickly and cost-effectively – in MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens.  


One of our first MindSphere partners is Bluvision, whose offering was also presented in the MindSphere Lounge at our Hannover Messe booth. The U.S. company provides Bluetooth sensors for condition monitoring and real-time location tracking. The sensor data can then be visualized and analyzed in a specially programmed application. Bluvision is now making this IoT solution available on MindSphere.


Collecting data intelligently

Bluvision BeaconsBluvision manufactures compact, low-energy Bluetooth devices known as beacons, which can simply be attached to devices and then start collecting data. Beacons are suitable for any type of mechanical equipment, such as conveyor belts, water pumps, bearings, etc. The product’s distinctive feature is that a beacon does not have to be configured for the corresponding device, but learns on its own. The sensor measures temperature and vibration and creates a profile of normal values based on the measured values. The recorded data is then collected from BluFi gateways via Bluetooth and transmitted directly to MindSphere via WLAN for analysis, which is performed using a suitable application. The condition of individual machines can thus be monitored and operators can respond to developing failures at an early stage or before the failure happens. Bluvision offers an easy-to-install, straightforward sensor network for carrying out preventive maintenance for a variety of devices.


Real-time location tracking, easily implemented

In addition to condition monitoring, the Bluvision sensor network also enables real-time location tracking. For instance, if equipment or inventory is equipped with a beacon, this beacon can be tracked in real time at an accuracy within one meter. Customers can use the Bluvision application Bluzone to display the locations of all objects fitted with beacons, and thus maintain an overview of all work processes. Using the condition data of the monitored machines, they can monitor the work processes and machine availability at any time in order to check and improve the system’s efficiency. Apart from providing real-time location visibility, Bluvision’s location-based solutions also provide history of path, dwell times and deeper analytics.


By providing the technology to MindSphere, Bluvision is enhancing the Siemens IoT operating system with a complete solution for an intelligent sensor network.

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