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Elitza Bastian |

High availability thanks to services

Following the design, production planning, engineering, and production execution stages, comes the fifth and final stage of the value chain in the automotive industry: smart services. These include services for data management and digital production security, as well as for spare parts supply, maintenance, modernization, and training, which ensure maximum efficiency. Renowned car manufacturers rely on our service portfolio at their factories to increase plant availability.

Security is a key element of digitalization. With the increasing use of software and the resulting large volumes of data (Big Data), industrial security is becoming ever more important. Industrial Security, part of our Digital Enterprise Software Suite, ensures that production plants are reliably protected. Our “defense in depth” concept takes every level into account – from the plant management level to the field level and from access control to copy protection. This holistic concept comprises plant security, network security, and system integrity. Our updates and alerts service ensures the security concept is up to date. The result is reliable protection for the digital factory.

Data processing with cloud computing

When it comes to large volumes of data, another process is essential: the analysis of the collated data. This is what generates value and in turn leads to an increase in productivity. Thanks to data processing with our Plant Data Services, Big Data can be turned into Smart Data. Our Digital Services enhance energy and process efficiency and increase plant availability. The cloud technology combines the fast processing of data with global availability. In this way, the valuable information generated from production data can support plant optimization.  

Worldwide service infrastructure

We also offer comprehensive services to reduce downtime. To ensure the highest plant availability, our Field and Maintenance Services cover the entire service spectrum, starting with commissioning through to preventive maintenance and repairs. The availability of specialists all over the world – together with an on-demand emergency service – keeps production constant. To ensure plants remain state-of-the-art, optimization and modernization services are also included in our extensive portfolio. Our SITRAIN training courses, whether class- or web-based, enable the seamless application of solutions and are tailored to all levels of expertise.

Preventing plant downtime

For car body manufacturing in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen relies on a Condition Monitoring System (CMS) from Siemens. SIPLUS CMS4000, a diagnostic system for complex analysis and measurement tasks, provides extensive diagnostics with the CMS X-Tools system software to enable errors to be detected early on. At Volkswagen, vibration sensors determine the machine’s condition and compare it with previously recorded data, therefore enabling changes in the plant to be detected early on. As a result, individual components can be replaced before a machine outage halts the entire production. Machine maintenance can therefore also be scheduled and performed when the plant is not in use.

98 percent plant availability for ŠKODA

An example of the success of Integral Plant Maintenance Services can be seen in the Czech Republic. At the ŠKODA factory in Kvasiny, 60 Siemens employees work around the clock to ensure high plant availability at the paint shop. Their tasks include troubleshooting as well as preventive measures such as maintenance. The main aim is to increase plant availability. Thanks to performance optimization measures, Siemens employees were able to increase availability to 98 percent. This was thanks to a fully networked plant and the vast experience of the employees. With this maintenance service, downtime can be reduced and the OEE optimized, thereby ensuring maximum economic efficiency for the paint shop.

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