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Eva Gansen |

Turning measurement data into information

When it comes to the future challenges of the global tank terminal industry, better information is one of the major issues. Improved, more timely and accurate information allows for precise process monitoring. It helps to prevent overspill and protects from media loss. It is also the enabling factor for better leak detection and a higher safety level.



For storage plant and terminal operators, going digital is the key to a more efficient, more economic and above all more flexible future. Investing in digital process control will not only reduce the total cost of ownership and improve return on investment, it will also improve the key performance indicators of the plant and turn it into a considerably more profitable operation.


Rapidly changing global market conditions call for faster and more efficient storage and terminal operations in combination with effective resource distribution and optimized asset management and utilization. Another challenge is triggered by the need for increased environmental protection and subsequent stricter safety regulations.


As a consequence of all these demands, plant operators need to establish highly integrated and automated processes. They need to focus on digital process control driven by intelligent and reliable measurements.


Intelligent measurements

Efficient tank level monitoring solutions are at the core of tank and terminal operations. Siemens is an experienced player in this field and can refer to industry-specific know-how based on decades of experience. A sophisticated generation of tank level monitoring systems uses guided wave radar technology to accurately detect the precise filling level of any storage tank. Advanced software algorithms detect interference signatures and dynamically update signals in accordance with defined measurement levels.


This highly developed measuring technology is far more accurate than any other solution, and also supports continuous monitoring and allows for the full utilization of a storage tank to its maximum capacity. In this way, finely tuned instrumentation and smart sensor technology contribute to best-possible storage space utilization across any storage facility or tank farm.


Monitoring for process transparency

Measuring parameters such as filling levels, media flow and temperature are at the center of any digital tank and terminal process control system. Their operations may appear trivial at first glance, but their role is important. A new generation of smart sensors guarantees accurate and reliable information,  and they provide a wealth of added value with built-in intelligence and expanded functionality.


Being part of the digital world of process automation, Siemens process instrumentation stands out for utmost precision, transparency and usability. The SITRANS L range of tank level measurement solutions matches the requirements of just about any tank farm. SITRANS F flow meters help to secure the process by precisely monitoring the media flow generated by pumping activities. With the SITRANS F C Coriolis flow meter you can get precise information about liquids or gases flowing through a pipe.


SITRANS P pressure transmitters and SITRANS T temperature transmitters monitor safe operating conditions, while continuous gas analyzers are an integral part of process, safety and environment monitoring.


SIPART sensor systems take care of digitally controlled valve positions, while SIWAREX truck and rail car weighing systems control and monitor the filling process.


Tapping into a wealth of information

The key to efficient plant operation is information. Modern digital process instruments are able to deliver a wealth of information that goes way beyond the measured values they feed into the process. Although often seen as a latecomer, the chemical industry is rapidly catching up in this field.


Once the installation of digital process control systems based on sensors and real-time data is complete, the tank terminal industry is ready to review data using sophisticated data analytics. Such analytics can be used effectively for planning and scheduling, process execution, quality management and environment protection.


The results are manifold. They range from more effective plant management to real-time process optimization. They contribute to faster processing and reduced time to market. They also enable better maintenance processes and improved plant availability.


Siemens is a technology partner in this field with an established track-record. Alongside the provision of proven field instrumentation and established drive technology, we also develop complete system solutions from plant design via system implementation, all the way to operation and maintenance. Everything from once source any anywhere on the planet.


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