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Eva Gansen |

Logistics: Taking control of the supply chain

Tank and terminal operations are a constant logistics process involving storage, loading and unloading. Alongside the smooth operation of all physical assets involved, this also requires seamless communication processes from order processing to storage management and tank farm monitoring.


Logistics processes start with the unloading of a ship or any other carrier and end with the loading of process media onto a truck or rail car. Such critical operations call for utmost safety and transparency, and need to be done with the highest efficiency, in order to streamline all related processes, reduce waiting times and eliminate manual handling errors.


Process management with integrated safety

For tank farms and loading bays, Siemens TMS is a modular terminal management system for end-to-end process management. SITAS TMS provides comprehensive control features for inline and batch blending as well as on-the-fly production. It enables quantities, qualities, and costs of available raw materials to be taken into account and documented, and ensures exact compliance with standardized product specifications. Siemens TMS is based on SIMATIC PCS 7 and uses high-performance industry standard communication protocols, such as Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS.


With Safety Integrated, Siemens provides modular and flexible solutions for the comprehensive protection of tank installations that fulfill all relevant health, safety, environmental, and industry standards, as well as legal requirements. It allows for various degrees of integration and implementation to suit very specific needs. With SIMATIC Safety Integrated, a safety instrumented system (SIS) can be fully integrated into the Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 automation system.


Effective route control

Effective tank farm management also involves configuring, controlling, and monitoring all material transports through existing pipe networks. In other words: transporting the fluid or gaseous process medium from a defined source to a defined destination must be controlled in a safe and transparent way.


This task often requires highly sophisticated algorithms. Siemens provides all of the required functionality with SIMATIC Route Control. Incorporating diagnostic functions that are well suited for pipe networks, SIMATIC Route Control provides both fully automatic as well as semiautomatic routing, enabling operators to choose between a variety of transport routes. A special feature for tank farms is our gantry management solution, which supports static route definition and control – for better physical flow control and manageable equipment.


Logistics from local to global

Any tank farm is part of a complex supply chain linking regional demands with a variety of production sources. Siemens is able to supply a logistics solution tailored to individual requirements: with standardized material flow processes, global supply chain integration, and optimized interfaces to production systems and to the world of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA).


As an experienced technology partner for the storage and terminal industry, we develop uniform logistics concepts for increased throughput from analysis through to engineering and commissioning.


Siemens’ solutions optimize material flow throughout the entire lifecycle of a tank farm. They guarantee delivery on-time and considerably contribute to the long-term position of the tank farm within a competitive market environment.


With RFID to greater visibility

The ability to gather and process data at strategically relevant points is a crucial factor for long-term business success. As a result, industrial identification is becoming a key technology for the digital enterprise. With SIMATIC Ident, Siemens closes the gap between the real and the digital worlds, and create new potential for our customers to add value.


Siemens RFID systems are at the core of automated logistics processes within the worldwide tank terminal industry. Not only do they help to clearly identify individual products and batches, they also enable real-time monitoring of all material flows and loading processes. As a result, tank farm operators always know exactly what is where and when. They are able to plan efficiently, and modulate processes precisely.


With Siemens, tank farm and terminal operators opt for a holistic approach to process automation. Our solutions follow the Siemens principle of Totally Integrated Automation and integrate all safety and intelligence aspects into a digital hardware and software solution, that streamlines processes while increasing flexibility and the competitiveness of the tank farm operation.



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