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Eva Gansen |

The backbone of digitalization

Industrial Network in the digital enterprise  This much is certain: The increasing digitalization in industry demands future-proof (infra)structures. As one of the drivers of the industrial (r)evolution, Siemens is very aware of this and therefore offers customized components and concepts to help companies on their way to becoming a digital enterprise. Reliable and future-proof industrial communication networks with targeted services are particularly important.



Digitalization has by no means reached its peak. This puts considerable pressure on manufacturing companies who have been forced to react in order to prepare for the Internet of Things and to remain competitive. They must be able to ensure a short time-to-market, more flexibility, and increased efficiency. Higher quality is also expected while saving resources and energy.


Progress will not be possible with a just a single automation solution. New potential can only be tapped by means of a holistic digital approach: the comprehensive digitalization of all processes along the value chain with a common database. We support companies from various industries on their way to becoming a digital enterprise. In order to fully utilize the benefits of Industrie 4.0, companies rely on the four core elements of our Digital Enterprise Suite: the integration of industrial software and automation, the expansion of communication networks, security in the area of automation, and the use of business-specific industrial services.


Expertise in industrial networks

Integrated horizontal and vertical communication is essential for any digitalization solution. As a supplier of automation technology, we are aware of the industry demands on the open and secure industrial communication networks that are required to achieve this. Linking the real world with the virtual world requires a continuous exchange of data. This in turn demands a powerful network infrastructure and industry-suitable network mechanisms.


However, it’s not just powerful network components that are vital for the digitalization of industry: the expertise to design, plan, implement, and connect to a corporate network is also necessary. This expertise has to be continually built on and developed, during which time we offer users full support.


Companies that lack the necessary personnel can use Siemens’ tailored Professional Services and draw on a global network of Siemens Solution Partners with in-depth industry and IT experience. The basis for a successful implementation is a preliminary on-site inspection, evaluation, and analysis of existing network structures, from which specific recommendations can be derived. If required, experienced specialists can advise on the design of the network infrastructure and mechanisms and carry out the on-site commissioning and optimization. This accelerates the implementation and enables the first-hand transfer of expertise to the user. For example, we offer customized training courses with experienced instructors. Further training courses from the Industrial Networks Education program will teach you how wired and wireless data networks can be planned, implemented, and connected to a corporate network.


Always on the safe side

Digitalization and the increased networking of machines and industrial plants bring with them an increased risk of cyber attacks – Industrial Security offers protection measures in the digital enterprise. All levels have to be addressed simultaneously if industrial plants are to be comprehensively protected from cyber attacks, both internally and externally. This is why we use an in-depth defense strategy: “defense in depth” is an overarching protective strategy based on the recommendations of ISA99/IEC 62443, the leading standard for security in industrial applications.


Industrial communication networks form the basis of any digitalization solution. You can find more information regarding the differences but also the similarities of industrial networks and enterprise IT systems in another blog post.



More information on industrial communication networks, Professional Services, and Siemens’ training programs can be found on our website.


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