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Andreas Milbradt |

Media flow under control

SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.2Chemicals in fluid form are the crucial raw materials of industrial production, while oil and natural gas represent the primary energy sources driving modern society. But ensuring the safety of transportation and storage of such critical process media is anything but simple.  


Plant operators not only need to comply with increasingly tighter safety regulations. They also face the challenge of ensuring ever higher levels of efficiency and availability.

Siemens automation systems and sensor technologies are the key to achieving faster and more efficient operations and to optimizing pipeline systems and storage facilities.


Measuring, detecting, and controlling

Efficient process management relies on a combination of reliable tank level control, precise process monitoring and intelligent analysis. With its SITRANS range, Siemens offers a comprehensive product portfolio that provides the sensors and actuators to support integrated solutions for highly efficient automatic process control.

The newly developed SITRANS L sensors for tank level monitoring use guided wave radar detection combined with advanced software algorithms to enable maximum tank level utilization while maintaining high environment and process safety standards.

These sensors interact closely with SIPART sensor systems, as well as SITRANS F flow meters, SITRANS P pressure and SITRANS T temperature transmitters. Perfectly tailored to the respective application, this highly developed process instrumentation helps to precisely control inbound and outbound fluid flow while maximizing the use of storage capacities. Sophisticated truck and rail car weighing with compression load cells mark the end of the storage and transfer process. Together with intelligent SIWAREX weighing systems, this forms the basis for highly efficient loading processes.


Intelligent product transfer

Transferring fluids or gaseous process media through a pipeline network from a defined source to a defined destination requires a complex control system based on highly complex algorithms.

With SIMATIC Route Control, Siemens offers a highly intricate media routing solution designed for pipeline systems of any size and complexity. The solution incorporates a variety of diagnostics functions and allows the operator to automatically or semi-automatically control transport routes for all types of fluid or gaseous media.

Route Control is an extension of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system from Siemens. It can be adapted to just about any process media and represents a comprehensive solution for the configuration, control, monitoring, and diagnostics of material handling.

Working much like a navigation system for the pipeline system, SIMATIC Route Control provides the plant operator with a graphic search system to identify unwanted path combinations. It also supports automatic transport path identification and enables the storage and activation of predefined transport paths.

PCS 7 and Route Control are well established technologies with a successful track record in the global oil and gas industry. In combination with SITRANS and SIPART field instrumentation they make Siemens the ideal technology partner for the complete transportation path – from ship or refinery to the tank and from the tank to any transportation vehicle.



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