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Messe Blog Team |

The new “Perspectives” as a magazine and an iPad app

Siemens is offering new “Perspectives”! With our new magazine featuring spectacular 360-degree photos, we can depict the many challenges that industrial companies face today – and provide the right answers!

In the magazine, customers from the most diverse verticals show how they were able to increase their productivity and efficiency thanks to Siemens products, solutions, and services. For example, companies using industrial software from Siemens achieved time-savings of up to 80 percent, or increased their plant’s availability by 20 percent by implementing improved maintenance procedures.

And the best part is that our “Perspectives” magazine can be downloaded as an innovative app for your iPad! Realistically experience production facilities in spectacular 360-degree views – just by turning your iPad or sliding your finger. The Siemens “Perspectives Magazine” app provides you with information, data, figures, facts, and slideshows for optimizing your entire production process. Discover how companies are combining productivity and efficiency! Download the app for your iPad at:

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and discovering new facts!

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