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    Postings written by : John Dronette

  • John Dronette | 08/03/2018

    As you produce the cream of the crop, how can you make sure that your mill or elevator’s processes are safe and efficient?

    There’s no doubt that process inefficiencies and inventory inaccuracies caused by faulty or outdated technology are holes in your business’ pockets. Maximizing profit margins in the grain industry is essential, and you cannot afford to waste anything including commodities, machinery, or labor.  How can you maintain your competitive edge and make sure your facility’s proces...
  • John Dronette | 08/02/2018

    Product Spotlight – Gain more efficient plant operation with the SIWAREX WT231 and WT241 Weighing Modules

    Siemens is pleased to announce an upgrade to its weighing technology portfolio to include two complete packages for standalone applications: The new weighing terminals SIWAREX WT231 for non-automatic scales and SIWAREX WT241 for belt scales and solids flow meters combine weighing electronics and touch panel in a single unit. The two new weighing terminals can be set up as a standalone solution wit...
  • John Dronette | 15/08/2017

    Are your rail cars or trucks shipped full?

    The cost of shipping dry bulk materials such as grain, coal or sand can be the most expensive part of a product cost especially when you consider the challenges associated with loading rail cars and trucks. For example, if you fill the car too much, there are considerable safety concerns, delays, and even fines that could be incurred. But, if you conservatively leave space in the car to avoid an o...
  • John Dronette | 16/03/2017

    How important is belt scale calibration?

    After a belt scale has been installed and calibrated in an application, as with any other piece of equipment, you have to consider what type of periodic maintenance should be performed. Routine calibration is one of those considerations. There can be many reasons why recalibration should be performed. It can be as simple as: Temperature or weather changes Maintenance to the conveyor Materi...
  • John Dronette | 24/02/2017

    Are you up-to-date on the latest trends in the grain industry?

    Each year thousands of experts from around the world gather at the GEAPS Exchange to learn about the latest topics affecting the grain industry, exchange ideas and explore innovative products and services. With 250,000 square feet of exhibits and over 40 hours of educational programs, this year’s Exchange is sure to impress. The nearly 3,000 attendees come from all aspects of the grain indu...