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    Postings written by : Herman Coello

  • Herman Coello | 15/02/2018

    How has the grain industry progressed throughout the years?

    The grain industry has been around since the days of old. With the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, new inventions entered the grain industry and transformed operations. Mechanized equipment, like the grain elevator, began to automate processes, increase productivity and reduce severe safety hazards for workers.  Working with grain has the potential to be deadly, especially when grain...
  • Herman Coello | 30/11/2017

    How do you make sense of the frequency buzz?

    Do you even know what frequency I am referring to? Exactly. Who really cares what the operating frequency of your level instrument is, or more specifically what the operating frequencies of your radar transmitters are? But, that seems to be the case today. One can hardly miss the clever marketing messages in print and electronic media focused on the operating frequencies of radar transmitters. Wh...
  • Herman Coello | 29/09/2017

    How to deal with too much fat, oil and grease in your wet wells

    The best way to deal with the effects of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) in your process is through prevention. FOG that gets washed down drain pipes in homes, food plants, restaurants or any other source is expensive to cope with. Just like the negative effects that plaque has in the arteries of the human circulatory system, FOG has a similar effect on sewer pipes. When FOG hardens, it can clog th...
  • Herman Coello | 15/09/2017

    How can Public Water Utilities Save on Energy Costs?

    I think that in this day and age, everyone knows a variety of ways to conserve at least a little bit of energy and save money while doing so. This is true at home, and across any industry. Take for instance the energy consumption across the United States just in the water treatment process. With thousands of water public utilities across the nation, the amount of energy usage is significant enough...
  • Herman Coello | 27/07/2017

    What’s the best way to measure water and wastewater flow? Part 2

    In the first part of this blog, I talked about closed pipe flow and the benefits and disadvantages it can have. In part two, I’d like to focus on open channel flow and how this option can be used to measure water and wastewater flow. Measuring flow through an open channel is a popular choice for water/wastewater applications. It’s easy to see why, with ease of installation and ma...