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Adam Wesoly| May 14, 2015

Siemens HV 2015 772 web

Rebuild, Renew: How the “Internet of Things” is Changing the Way Siemens Sees the World

Helmuth Ludwig, EVP, Siemens Digital Enterprise Realization; and Mike Carlson, president, Siemens Smart Grid Originally posted May 12th on the Executive Pulse Blog Siemens USA is proud to celebrate Infrastructure Week, emphasizing the critical importance of investing in and modernizing America’s infrastructure systems. From transportation systems to the energy grid, to the U.S. industrial base and intelligent buildings, in order to rebuild and renew these essential infrastructure networks, th ...


The new Industry Online Support – simply more efficient!

The time has finally come: The new Siemens Industry Online Support has been launched. It has been developed in cooperation with our customers and partners and is to offer modern solutions with approved quality. For many years, the Online Support has been an essential tool in dealing with the Siemens Industry products. We are going to offer up-to-date information about our products, FAQs, manuals, downloads, certificates and an expert forum for support with the daily work of our customers at any ...

Adam Wesoly| Dec 04, 2014

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We are looking back at the SPS IPC Drives 2014 trade show

It’s been a number of days since SPS IPC Drives 2014 ended and all the exhibits and wall panels have already been dismantled. Quiet has returned to Hall 11. But how did you, our visitors, like the Siemens booth? Did you find us right away at our new location on the exhibition grounds? Which topics did you find most interesting? We touched base with our booth staff and asked about the eight topic highlights. For the first time ever at SPS IPC Drives, this year Siemens had an entire hall to itsel ...

Adam Wesoly| Nov 27, 2014


SPS IPC Drives 2014: Being a tour guide is my dream job

More than 40,000 visitors stop by the Siemens trade show booth during the three days of SPS IPC Drives. Many of them experienced the booth through a guided tour, a regular Siemens attraction at trade shows. But how does someone get to be a tour guide? What are the job requirements? We spent a day at SPS with tour guide Thomas Kühnrich and talked with him about his work. Thomas, you’ve been doing this for quite some time now. But how did you originally become a tour guide? Yes, that’s true! I’v ...

Ines Giovannini| Nov 17, 2014

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SPS IPC Drives 2014: Things to know about the Siemens booth in Hall 11

SPS IPC Drives 2014 will take place in Nuremberg from November 25 to 27. There, under the motto “Making Things Right,” Siemens will present how the sophisticated linking of data, software, and industrial hardware leads to greater productivity and efficiency. For the first time Siemens will welcome trade show visitors in Hall 11 - visit our interactive booth plan to find out more. Yet what is actually needed for the largest booth of this trade show? We did some research to find out.  • 2,000 pie ...

Michael Breiy| Aug 30, 2014


Industry Software from Siemens - Increasing safety with immersive 3D training

There are many dangerous workplaces in the world today and while most facility operators do their utmost to protect workers in these potentially dangerous environments, it is sometimes not enough. Often from a purely economic perspective safety measures can be at odds with keeping cost low – so how do you manage both in an effective way? You provide people training in a safe and intuitive, virtual environment. Many people would initially think of a 3D flight simulator when thinking about virtual ...

Adam Wesoly| May 21, 2014


Hannover Messe 2014 in review

Some time has now passed since Hannover Messe 2014. The Siemens booth in Hall 9 has been dismantled. It was a varied and exciting trade show that fostered interesting conversations and featured many highlights that drew crowds. But what interested you, our visitors, the most at the Siemens booth? How did you like the booth itself? We chatted with our booth staff to see if we could find some answers. “How high can it fly?” Right at the entrance to the booth, visitors were greeted by the Nissa ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 15, 2014


"We're shovel sellers, not gold miners"

Over the past five days, the Hannover Messe was the scene of a wide range of presentations, keynote talks and podium discussions on all aspects of the future of industry. Siemens was involved in many of them, both in and away from the booth. Events took place every day on the big stage in the Siemens Future Forum. Various presentations discussed the manufacturing of the future and how Siemens envisions it. For example, Jochen Koch showed his audience how the automotive industry will shift to Ind ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 08, 2014

Addressing the Cybersecurity Challenge

Guest post by Helmuth Ludwig WASHINGTON – As the global industrial sector continues its resurgence, America is well-positioned to lead a transformation in manufacturing. The U.S. has several advantages, including a competitive workforce, relatively low energy costs, large domestic market demand, a proven track record in innovation and the reputation as a world leader in software product development and industrial deployment. For U.S. manufacturers to fully leverage these advantages, we must cont ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 07, 2014

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Daily routine of a booth manager at Hannover Messe

The world’s leading industrial trade show takes place once again from April 7 to 11, 2014, in Hannover, Germany. As manager of the Siemens booth, Eckard Eberle is always on the go. In addition to managing about 600 colleagues, his duties include looking after the VIP guests. We spoke to him about the challenges, large and small, that he faces every day during the trade show. Mr. Eberle, you are, so to speak, Siemens’ “host” at Hannover Messe 2014. What rights and obligations go along with the jo ...