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Man vs. Machine? - Collaborative workforces

Robotics has already played a big part in making our lives simpler. We can now enjoy the luxury of having our coffee made by an automated machine, while our dishwasher takes a more laborious task off our hands.  As well as transforming our day to day activities at home, robots have also changed the game at work. Since the Industrial Revolution, machines have proved useful for taking on repetitive and labour intensive roles in the manufacturing sector. Fast forward two centuries and we’re now at ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 12, 2013


New possibilities to save energy when using industrial robots

Siemens ‘live’ robotic demonstration at their booth in Hall 9 has proved a real hit with visitors to this year’s trade fair. The exhibit itself shows how innovative new software from Siemens has helped transform the clunky, conventional movements of robots into smoother, more human forms that yield energy savings of up to 50%. For those of you who haven’t been able to see the demonstration, it’s like watching ballet instead of old ...