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Adam Wesoly| Apr 23, 2013


Hannover Messe 2013: Daily Perspective of a fair visitor

This perspective is that of Rainer Reisinger, CEO of Weitblick Systems – a machine vision and software engineering company from Austria. This is my first visit to the Hannover Messe – and it’s actually a very fleeting one – as I’m only here for the day. But I’m really looking forward to going around with a view to coming here again next year for a longer period so I can get more out of the experience. My company produces machines that inspect parts for the automotive industry so quality and ef ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 18, 2013


Industry 4.0: Laying the foundations for a new industrial revolution

There’s been much talk of revolution at this year’s Hannover Messe with the major topic of Industry 4.0 being foremost on the agenda. Industry 4.0 refers to the possibilities to simulate and optimize products and production processes as well as the increasing fusion of software and hardware across the full spectrum of industries that many believe will lead to a fourth industrial revolution. But just how far along the road to this new revolution are we? Siemens is currently showcasing how the com ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 17, 2013


Hannover Messe 2013: Daily Perspective of a fair visitor

Today’s perspective is that of Alfredo Hernández Muñiz, General Manager of Industria Sigrama – an industrial solutions company from Mexico. This is my third visit to the Hannover Messe. I first came here back in 1996 …and my last visit was in 2004. So I’m not a regular visitor. But when I do come here I like to take the time to really get as much out of the experience as possible. My company provides a broad range of industrial solutions ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 16, 2013


Inspiring the next generation of engineers

According to a report published by the Association of German Engineers  on the eve of this year’s Hannover Messe there are currently 1.62 million engineers working in Germany – an increase of 16% since 2005. However, despite good figures showing a 66% increase in thenumber of new engineering graduates and a 30% increase in the number of women engineers since 2005, there are still some 70,000 vacant engineering positions. Throughout this week at the world’s largest industrial trade fair a whole h ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 12, 2013


New possibilities to save energy when using industrial robots

Siemens ‘live’ robotic demonstration at their booth in Hall 9 has proved a real hit with visitors to this year’s trade fair. The exhibit itself shows how innovative new software from Siemens has helped transform the clunky, conventional movements of robots into smoother, more human forms that yield energy savings of up to 50%. For those of you who haven’t been able to see the demonstration, it’s like watching ballet instead of old ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 12, 2013


Industry Highlights at the Hannover Messe 2013 – live

Jürgen Amedick, stand manager and CEO of the Large Drives Business Unit, brings you impressions on the reaction of visitors to this year’s Siemens booth concept and its highlights: Following my pre-event posts about this year's show highlights, I ‘m delighted to now bring you a short “live” update from the first few days. It truly has been great to see how everything has now come to life on our booth and incredibly satisfying to see how visitors ar ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 12, 2013


Intelligently financing energy-efficient technology

This is a guest article witten by our colleagues from Siemens Financial Services .   The escalating trend of energy prices has made energy efficiency one of the most pressing concerns faced by industrial companies around the world. Through the use of energy efficiency initiatives, tremendous cost savings can be achieved in many industrial areas. For this reason, intelligent solutions for the financing of energy-saving technology are becoming increasingly important. Investmen ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 11, 2013


Hannover Messe 2013 - Daily Perspective of a fair visitor

Today’s perspective is that of Zhu Min Hua, a General Manager with Wu Jiang JinTong Li – a Chinese power distribution company. This is my first visit to the Hannover Messe so I’m very excited to be here to experience the famous German hospitality and to see all the latest innovations. I’m actually here as part of the Siemens China delegation as my company has a long-standing partnership with Siemens that has been going on for over 10 yea ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 10, 2013


Hannover Messe 2013 - Daily Perspective of a fair visitor

Today’s perspective is that of Ahmed Daoud, an Engineer with Ahmed Daoud & Co – an industrial solutions company based in Cairo, Egypt. I work as an engineer for my father’s company, which provides industrial solutions for customers like the Egyptian government and building companies. We manufacture electric drives and water pumps and also act as a distributor for Siemens products. This is my second visit to the Hannover Messe. I first came ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 09, 2013

Boris Abramov

Hannover Messe 2013 - Daily perspective of a fair visitor

Last year the world’s biggest trade fair drew over 6,300 exhibitors and 230,000 visitors from 80 countries to Hanover. And this year has already seen a rise in both the number of exhibitors and countries participating. So what’s the attraction? Each day I’ll be bringing you a different perspective from some of this year’s attendees. Today’s perspective is that of Boris Abramov, General Director of Russian engineering company, Electroprom ...