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Stefanie Assner| Jul 01, 2014


The automobile market in China is booming

(Photo: BMW AG)German brands are quite popular abroad, and the automotive industry is profiting from this in China. By entering into joint ventures with Chinese companies, German manufacturers are conquering the Chinese automobile market – and Siemens is making a key contribution to their success.About 35 years ago, Volkswagen was the first Western car maker to establish a subsidiary in China. Today the country has become an important sales market for Volkswagen. There are good reasons why many ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 11, 2014


Industrie 4.0 – Evolution not revolution

How can we make sure that our country remains competitive internationally in the future? How will companies manufacture products tomorrow? Everyone is already talking about the answer to these questions, namely “Industrie 4.0.” At the Hannover Messe, Siemens is demonstrating the “future of manufacturing” in the “Future Forum.” The heart of the “Future Forum” is the “Automotive Showcase,” a fully automated assembly plant for the automotive industry in which processes that are still carried out by ...

Adam Wesoly| Mar 03, 2014


TU Darmstadt uses NX for the Student Formula competition

Last week, we started to report on “Virtual product development and its challenges” as well as “Opportunities in virtual product development”. In this article, I want to bring your attention to TU Darmstadt, which is using NX for the Formula Student competition. TU Darmstadt students face challenges similar to those for companies in the automotive industry. They must manage complexity, continuously optimize, and work together in interdisciplinary teams. The university students in the different d ...

Adam Wesoly| Jan 21, 2014


Manufacturing Automobiles – Improving the Moving Assembly Line

The mass production of automobiles started almost exactly 100 years ago when Ford Motor Company started to manufacture its Model T with the help of a moving assembly line. Ford’s manufacturing concept is now easy to understand but it was revolutionary back then. Instead of bringing the man to the work, the work must be brought to the men. Since then car makers have been always looking for possibilities to improve resource efficiency and productivity, increase safety and improve the flexibility o ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 12, 2013


New possibilities to save energy when using industrial robots

Siemens ‘live’ robotic demonstration at their booth in Hall 9 has proved a real hit with visitors to this year’s trade fair. The exhibit itself shows how innovative new software from Siemens has helped transform the clunky, conventional movements of robots into smoother, more human forms that yield energy savings of up to 50%. For those of you who haven’t been able to see the demonstration, it’s like watching ballet instead of old ...