Elitza Bastian| Aug 17, 2016


Digitalization increases output at Maserati threefold

After the three planning stages – design, production planning, and engineering – comes the next step in the value chain: production. Digitalization software can also be used here to control and maintain an overview of all processes. This ensures high-quality and efficient production and thus protects and increases market share. Maserati, the luxury vehicle manufacturer based in Northern Italy, is making the most of the benefits of digital production to optimize the manufacturing of its new sport ...

Elitza Bastian| Aug 17, 2016


Efficient engineering with TIA and virtual commissioning

Production planning is followed by the next stage of the automotive value chain: production engineering. This stage is becoming increasingly important due to the challenge posed by the mass customization of cars. Efficient engineering ensures error-free production, even for different models. We provide software and hardware for successful technical planning that allows car manufacturers to be well equipped for the future. The setup of production technology allows for significant time savings ...

Alexander Gloning| Aug 09, 2016

from Industry 1

Industrie 4.0 - Searching for the gold standard

We’re already in the midst of Industrie 4.0, as cyber-physical systems transform technology, just like the introduction of steam power and electricity. According to the tech analysts Gartner, there will be 25 billion items connected to the Internet by 2020. However, for this to be an ‘Internet of Things’, these items need to be able to interact with each other. An energy management system is much more useful if it can get ahead of the game by interacting with weather predicting software. Ideall ...


Man vs. Machine? - Collaborative workforces

Robotics has already played a big part in making our lives simpler. We can now enjoy the luxury of having our coffee made by an automated machine, while our dishwasher takes a more laborious task off our hands.  As well as transforming our day to day activities at home, robots have also changed the game at work. Since the Industrial Revolution, machines have proved useful for taking on repetitive and labour intensive roles in the manufacturing sector. Fast forward two centuries and we’re now at ...

Predictive Maintenance is the number one Big Data application for Industry

Predictive Maintenance - Fixing of the future

There’s an old saying – ‘if it aint broke then don’t fix it’. However, times are changing, and attitudes have changed as well, as technology transforms the way we think about maintenance. Whilst large scale breakdowns and outages are guaranteed to get lots of coverage, the technology that keeps our infrastructure doesn’t often get the credit it deserves. So I wanted to use this blog to highlight the amazing work which has been done through predictive maintenance and discuss the opportunities tha ...