Adam Wesoly| Oct 05, 2015

AMF Keyvisual

New production possibilities: Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid and additive manufacturing techniques are revolutionizing our perception of what and how we will be able to manufacture in the future: With additive manufacturing, individual parts can be produced faster and more cost-effectively, even in large quantities. Customized tools, complex components and innovative prototypes are no longer an issue thanks to additive manufacturing. This development opens up completely new possibilities for companies and enables individualized mass production. Wit ...

Jürgen Dengg| Sep 30, 2015


ID key-operated switches: Switching access rights in manufacturing plants with wireless-based keys

A service technician needs more authorizations to adjust industrial plants than an auxiliary worker. Siemens has developed an RFID-based key-operated switch for its portfolio of SIRIUS ACT push buttons and signaling devices. It uses modern wireless technology to assign access rights efficiently by remote control.Everyone has seen an incorrect entry made at a supermarket checkout. Everything has to stop until the store manager releases the till with the appropriate key. In industrial plants, the ...

Adam Wesoly| Sep 30, 2015


Industrie 4.0 – Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing

Under the motto “On the Way to Industrie 4.0 – Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing” we will be showcasing our products and solutions for the ongoing digitalization in the machine tool world at this year’s EMO, the world’s leading machine tool exhibition, taking place between October 5 and October 10 in Milan.Industrial companies are facing profound changes in the manufacturing world. Digitalization is opening up new possibilities for making products and solutions smarter and thus more e ...

Elisabet Sangrà Solé| Sep 22, 2015

20150811 CE AxsGroup-CIO 056

Digitalization: Start-ups are a window to the future

This year CIO 100 Symposium relied on the participation of two of our experts in the field of digitalization: Dr. Sven Scheuble, Vice President and Head of Technology to Business (TTB) of Siemens AG and Eric Spiegel, President and CEO of Siemens USA. Sven and Eric joined an inspiring conversation analyzing how industry and data intersect and how companies can get involved in this revolution. We presented the benefits of digitalization in a previous post on the interview with Mr Spiegel. Along t ...

Elisabet Sangrà Solé| Sep 10, 2015

20150811 CE AxsGroup-CIO 009

Digitalization: Some industries are going through this transformation faster than others

“Innovating in the Digital Economy” was this year's CIO 100 Symposium topic where Siemens had its first appearance on presenting their full Digitalization Road Show exhibit in the US. The event included several guest speakers, prominent among them, Eric Spiegel, President and CEO of Siemens USA, who joined Dr. Sven Scheuble, Vice President and Head of Technology to Business of Siemens AG to discuss the Power of Software. Eric and Sven engaged in a stimulating conversation exploring the intersect ...