Stefanie Assner| Apr 17, 2014


Australia: Government invests billions in climate protection

The Earth Day on April 22, 2014, focuses on the unique environmental challenges of our time. Australia set a good example and invested billions in climate protection. The Industry Journal has taken a closer look to find out exactly which measures the government has taken.  Colorful natural spectacles along the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock stand in stark contrast to extreme periods of heat and chaotic weather conditions: Even if tourists don’t always see it at first glance, Australia has bee ...

Bettina-Susanne Schoene| Apr 17, 2014

industryjournal-digitalization EN

The digital bird gets the worm

In the marketplaces of tomorrow, only the quick and agile will survive – business that are resolute in their strategy of digitization. The latest issue of Industry Journal gets this message out with a focus on the “digitalization of manufacturing.”Industry Journal, the customer magazine of the Siemens Industry Sector, covers a broad spectrum: from big data and data standardization to human factor engineering, robotics, data-driven services, and best-practice examples of digitized manufacturing.G ...

Peter Jefimiec| Apr 16, 2014


What in fact is “Smart Water”?

What is “Smart Water”? When do we call something smart, and what makes this type of solution smart compared to any normal application? In advance of the International Water Trade Fair IFAT 2014, due to be held from May 5- 9 in Munich, we talked to Ronald Vrancken, General Manager Water & Wastewater at Siemens Industry. As Smart Water is set to be a central theme at the Siemens booth in Hall A1, Ronald Vrancken was able to provide some exciting insights into the subject, using concrete examp ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 15, 2014


"We're shovel sellers, not gold miners"

Over the past five days, the Hannover Messe was the scene of a wide range of presentations, keynote talks and podium discussions on all aspects of the future of industry. Siemens was involved in many of them, both in and away from the booth. Events took place every day on the big stage in the Siemens Future Forum. Various presentations discussed the manufacturing of the future and how Siemens envisions it. For example, Jochen Koch showed his audience how the automotive industry will shift to Ind ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 11, 2014

Volvo e-Car 01

“Electrifying” the Hannover trade show 2014

“A German’s car is his favorite child,” or so the saying goes. Just under 43 million passenger cars are licensed in Germany today. But what will the automobile of the future look like? What will be used to propel the cars? An internal combustion engine? A hybrid drive? Fuel cells with hydrogen drives? Or electricity? There are many indications that electric drives will win out. Many people are talking about the federal government’s ambitious goal of placing one million electric and hybrid cars o ...