Elitza Bastian| Jul 08, 2016


Precise planning, precise production

Following the initial design phase, the second step in the automotive industry’s value chain is production planning. Whereas the first phase is all about design, production planning involves determining the necessary production facilities and the individual manufacturing processes. If resources and implementation can be quickly defined, the lead time to production will be reduced. Furthermore, careful planning lowers the costs associated with the subsequent step. Production planning is another ...

Elitza Bastian| Jul 01, 2016


Digitalization starts with design

The first stage in the production process is product design. Our software solutions support companies in the automotive industry on the journey from idea to finished product. Efficient product development is the basis for reducing time-to-market. The benefits of our solutions have convinced a major automotive manufacturer to change its system. This was a complex step, but one that has proved its worth. The first step in the value chain in automotive manufacturing starts on the drawing board. Or ...

Elitza Bastian| Jun 23, 2016


From the digital idea to the finished vehicle

The automotive industry faces dramatic changes in the years to come, both in terms of the car itself as well as production. The shift from classical engine concepts to e-cars, autonomous driving cars, autonomous production systems, and composite materials requires innovative production processes. Customers want highly individualized cars and automotive manufacturers must be able to respond quickly to changing market demands. In light of this, our automotive customers require a highly flexible an ...

Claudia Ehrler| Jun 22, 2016


Commanding and Signaling Devices - Exquisite delicacies

According to a popular German saying, food should be a feast for the eyes, too. The palate and the stomach are directly influenced by impressions that attract the eye. But of course, the most important thing is that the unique dish set before the diners should taste delicious. "Sirius Act" from Siemens is a modular menu consisting of commanding and signaling devices that is also a visual treat. Both designers and users of machines and plant equipment are impressed by the elegance of ...

Phil Banks| Jun 08, 2016


Integrated Drive Systems Roadshow across Great Britain this June

I'll be presenting Integrated Drives Systems for heavy industries at the forthcoming IDS Roadshow which returns to venues across Great Britain this June. We'll be revisiting the key points of IDS but also connecting this with the global trend toward digitalization and looking at how data can be extracted right now from smart products in the drive train and used to deliver improved lifecycle maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership. As a product manager in Large Drives, I often get asked ...