Adam Wesoly| Aug 19, 2015

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Sirius 3SK2: Compact safety solution with astounding capabilities

Safety engineering has for years been oriented around convenience and standard automation. To unlock further, more simple applications, compact, low-cost safety relays are now available that are as easy to handle as purely hardware-based devices, while also offering the advantages of flexible, software-based multifunctional units. 2012: The dawn of a new eraTo see how the options currently available for the low-cost, compact and simple implementation of safety applications such as emergency sto ...

Sabrina Ruhmann| Jul 21, 2015


Two become one: Developing an integrated drive unit for electric cars

That the weight of a vehicle plays a role in defining its range is nothing new. This is why electric vehicles quickly lose their appeal as a result of excessive weight: Adapting their range to comply with the requirements of end users still represents a huge challenge. As a consequence, it is not just during the design phase where it is important to reduce the amount of material used. Compact and efficientIt becomes especially critical when more complex parts such as the motor and inverter are ...

Zoi Gioti| Jul 01, 2015

Jason Peel helicopter view quote IDS 458

As IDS Roadshow arrives in the UK, we are hearing from the experts and on the benefits of Integrated Drive Systems

Siemens Integrated Drive Systems are the world's first true one-stop solution reducing risk and maximising the uptime of your production line. Jason Peel, Head of Strategy IDS UK&Ireland shares his view on IDS: Customer requirements are constantly changing in the marketplace. Their challenges will be increasing year on year. Reducing their risk as a business, saving energy and minimising downtime are always at the heart of all customers’ requirements. To remain competitive, manufacturers o ...

Adam Wesoly| Jun 29, 2015

From integrated engineering to integrated operation - the expert public could learn more about data integration with Comos and Simatic PCS 7 at ACHEMA 2015

ACHEMA 2015: The expert public reviews digitalization

Discover the potential of digitalization – this was not just the motto of our ACHEMA 2015 show. On our booth, we had a liquid circulation model on display that demonstrated how data integration between engineering and operation works and how the digital and physical plant interacts. What did the experts say about this exhibit? Here’s our report. Maik Friedrich, one of our marketing managers at ACHEMA, provided us with a short description of the exhibit:  “What we can see here is a relatively si ...

Adam Wesoly| Jun 25, 2015


ACHEMA 2015: The seven trials of an I/O module

Sometimes, our engineers like a good challenge. Recently, one of our IO modules was the subject of an especially demanding study: The Simatic ET 200AL I/O for installation without control cabinet was put to the test. Seven trials were scheduled to find out whether the tiny module really complies with the standards for IP65/67 degree of protection, one including a burner. The result: Simatic ET 200AL may be small, but it is one tough cookie. Every event has its special moments. You stroll around ...