Adam Wesoly| Apr 21, 2015


Making the virtual benefits of digitalization real

I knew well before I arrived at this year’s Hannover Messe that industrial digitalization delivers real benefits. What I wasn’t so sure about is what those benefits actually looked like. However, after spending this week at the Siemens booth I can honestly say that the very abstract image I used to have of Industrie 4.0 has been replaced by something much more tangible. In comparison to previous years I feel like I’ve seen and experienced the actual benefits that come from combining the real an ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 17, 2015


Hannover Messe in your pocket

Article written by Norbert Aschenbrenner “With this, you can walk through the Siemens Digitalization Forum virtually,” said Rebecca Johnson, pointing to a small case in which she had just placed her smartphone. The smartphone display is divided into two parts, and when viewed through the two lenses in the case the two images combine to create a 3D impression. Johnson, a mobile computing expert at Siemens, created this app for the Hannover Messe 2015, but it can be used to produce a three-dimens ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 17, 2015


Interviews with Indian Customers at Hannover Messe 2015

India, the world’s seventh-largest and second-most populous country is one of the world’s three biggest and fastest-growing economies by purchasing power parity. The country, which is this year’s official partner country at Hannover Messe, is making great efforts to promote business opportunities for foreign suppliers. In September 2014, the Indian federal government launched »Make in India«, a campaign that aims at attracting investors to India to make their products in India. According to Joch ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 16, 2015

IMG 4075

Real digital emotion in motion

How Siemens solutions are helping drive Maserati’s passion for perfection This year’s Hannover Messe is positively bursting with examples of how digitalization is transforming the face of industrial production as we know it. But none more so than the example of the Maserati Ghibli that’s currently being showcased at the Siemens booth.  The very idea that a brand synonymous with the finest Italian craftsmanship can benefit from data-driven solutions seems at first paradoxical. Yet since employi ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 15, 2015

IMG 4090

On the way to ‘Plug and Produce’ industrial plant networking 

How ‘Effortless Communication’ could help simplify the way to Industrie 4.0 Industrial communication is the backbone for Industrie 4.0. But though there’s already an abundance of solutions available for networking machines in industrial plants to create this essential digital spine – the process of connecting the ‘Things’ in this ‘Industrial Internet’ can still be time consuming and costly. So could there be a better way?  I caught up with Reiner Plonka, Systems Manager for Siemens Communicati ...