Daniela Heckel| Apr 02, 2015

PD HVM SH800 Listenwinkel sRGB

Why standardized motor production and testing pays off?

Project delays in plant and machinery construction frequently involve critical situations: If the transport of raw materials by pipelines starts later than planned, if a rolling mill does not start production at the agreed date, or if a ship leaves the shipyard with a delay, then this has a negative impact on the operating company. These companies can offset these financial losses through penalties that they impose on plant and machinery construction companies. It therefore makes sense to rule ...

Adam Wesoly| Mar 31, 2015


How Digitalization is used in the Machine Building Industry

There are only two weeks to go until this year’s Hannover Messe, and our preparations for this important event are, of course, running full speed ahead. The motto of the Siemens booth this year is “On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise.”  But what kinds of highlights and surprises can visitors to the trade show expect to find? In the coming weeks I’ll provide a preview in a series of articles on Hannover Messe 2015. Digitalization in the machine building industry Everywh ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 27, 2015

Pillath Petra Rene

Telecontrol and many more thrilling topics: Four days at Wasser International come to an end

Rolf Pillath, Petra Geiss and René Jacobs from Siemens' booth team (from left to right) were very pleased with the response at the booth. The Wasser Berlin International trade fair was a resounding success for Siemens with lots of interesting conversations, valuable user feedback, and a great atmosphere. Experts from around the globe gathered at this leading trade fair for the water industry from March 24 to 27. Telecontrol technology and process instrumentation attracted particularly strong in ...

Adam Wesoly| Mar 25, 2015


A promising future for water – a question of efficient technology 

Water covers two-thirds of the earth, and only 0.3 percent of it is available in potable form. With the world’s population growing rapidly, something must to be done about this situation. We need innovative technology that can sustainably and efficiently ensure the supply of drinking water. At Wasser Berlin International, which takes place from March 24 to 27, 2015, international experts will come together under the motto “Green Cities – Blue Solutions” to share their experiences and learn about ...

Adam Wesoly| Mar 25, 2015


How Digitalization helps the Process Industry

There are only three weeks left before this year’s Hannover Messe. We, too, are of course working in high gear to prepare for this important event. This year we’ll be exhibiting at the Siemens booth under the motto “On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise.” But what highlights and surprises can visitors to the trade fair expect? I’ll provide a preview in the coming weeks in a series of articles on Hannover Messe 2015. Digitalization in the process industry  The optimal con ...