Michelle Candelaria| Apr 23, 2014

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Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference: May 5-7, Orlando

From analytics to demand response and more, software is what makes the smart grid truly smart. On May 5-7, utility leaders and IT professionals will gather in Orlando, Florida to discuss trends in smart grid software, share best practices, and learn about next-generation technology to help utilities maximize benefits from smart grid initiatives. Learn more and REGISTER NOW. See the agenda and breakout session topics. Interviews with key speakers: Get a glimpse of what's in store for this con ...

Michelle Candelaria| Apr 23, 2014

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Utility revenue protection: faster, easier, better with data analytics

Electricity theft is a significant and growing drain on utility revenues around the world. However, modern data analytics technologies now make it faster and easier for utilities to detect energy theft and other forms of non-technical loss anywhere on the network. A breakout session at this year's Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference (May 5-7, Orlando, Fla.) will offer a preview of a new analytics product focused on revenue protection. Don't miss: Revenue Protection Analytics.  Sumeet Ganju ...

John Dronette| Apr 23, 2014


We’re so proud! Siemens Milltronics MSI Belt Scale has been voted 2014’s Best Industrial Scale

With more approvals than any other scale in the world, the Siemens Milltronics MSI is heavy-duty, high accuracy full frame single idler belt scale used for process and load-out control. The MSI belt scale is a proven-technology in a wide range of tough bulk material handling applications from extraction (in mines, quarries, and pits) to power generation, iron and steel, food processing, and chemicals. In particular, the MSI is well-suited for measuring products such as aggregates, coal, grains, ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 23, 2014

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Hannover Messe 2014 - End usage and the democratization of energy

Part 4 of Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold’s insights into the future of energy from an interview given at Hannover Messe on April 8:What will be the single biggest change in energy usage over the next 40 years?“I believe this is best described in terms of democratization of energy,” said Dr. Weinhold. “By this I mean that many more people will come to own, or share in the ownership of production, distribution and storage of energy, in the same way that the car democratized transport, or that the Inte ...

Peter Jefimiec| Apr 23, 2014

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The wastewater treatment plant on the roof of a high-rise building

What does a water pipeline have in common with a high speed train, a car factory with a wastewater plant, or a drilling platform with a desalination plant? The answer is simple: Industry software, drive technology and automation solutions from Siemens. In advance of the leading International Water Trade Fair IFAT 2014, we talked to Siemens Industry’s Dr Andreas Pirsing, in charge of technology concepts for customers from the water industry, about the significance of technologies used in water an ...