SOV Log Book| Aug 30, 2016

Ole Klatt, storekeeper on board Esvagt Froude

Taking stock of the world’s first Service Operation Vessel

June 2015 marked the beginning of a new era in offshore wind power, when Siemens Wind Power Service christened the first of two purpose-built Service Operation Vessels (SOVs). Now one year on we take a look back at the 1st year to find out how the vessel has performed and how those who use them every day feel they have improved their working lives at sea. In the first article we follow up with warehouse stock keeper Ole Klatt, who take care of the vessels very own warehouse stocked up with spare ...

The Curiosity Project| Aug 30, 2016

ice cream

STEMingBoredom 27: make ice cream

This is one of the experiments that we like doing the most, can’t think why... What is interesting about this experiment – apart from giving you ice cream at the end – is that you can observe the change of state in the ice cream as you make it. You can do this observation elsewhere; such as in water, but this is more gradual and happens as you watch it. Water can have three states – liquid, solid (ice) or gas (steam). Here, you’ll gradually observe the change in state from liquid to solid ...

David Petry| Aug 29, 2016

B PDPA ResologisMetroMontrealRuggedcom 1

Going underground - System integration company implements metro pilot project with Siemens

Montréal, Canada: Resologis Inc., a leading software and system integration provider for the transport sector, is working in association with Siemens on a pilot project for the Montréal metro system. Montréal based Resologis aims to automate the entire metro network using new central control software. To enable its software to be used, Resologis is relying on hardware from the Siemens Ruggedcom portfolio. The modular, rugged design of this hardware reduces maintenance times and costs, and enable ...

David Petry| Aug 29, 2016

B PDPA ResologisMetroMontrealRuggedcom 1

Im Untergrund - Systemintegrator für das Transportwesen realisiert mit Siemens Pilotprojekt in U-Bahn

Montréal, Kanada: Die Resologis Inc., ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Software und Systemintegration im Transportwesen, realisiert in Zusammenarbeit mit Siemens ein Pilotprojekt für die Montrealer Metro. Ziel des im kanadischen Montreal ansässigen Unternehmens ist es, mit einer neuen Software das gesamte U-Bahn-Netz der Metro zentral gesteuert zu automatisieren. Um ihre Software einsetzen zu können, greift Resologis auf Hardware aus dem Ruggedcom-Portfolio von Siemens zurück. Der modulare u ...

The Curiosity Project| Aug 26, 2016


STEMingBoredom 26: engineer your own helicopter

Helicopters are, when you think about it, pretty amazing; they fly on the movement of 2,3,4 or 5 thin blades only. They are also the only (civilian) aircraft that can hover, fly sideways or backwards. They are one of the symbols of being important too – pop stars, prime ministers, billionaires and emergency services use them a lot. Unfortunately for most of us, they are far too expensive to own – at least at the moment. The day may come when personal helicopters are as common as mobile ph ...